NFL’s Jarvis Landry Meets Fans at Juice’s World

On July 10th, the NFL’s star wide receiver, Jarvis Landry stepped out to Juice’s World, a one of a kind Sprayground launch event hosted by comedians Dan Rue and Nick Pattiwhack at Simon’s Sportswear in Miami, to hang out and meet his fans for the launch of his new limited edition Sprayground collaboration backpack.

Jarvis Landry meeting 11 year old cancer survivor and author of “The Battle for Life”, Lucas Ryan

The event had something for everyone! From obstacle courses, to interactive games for the fans to play, a dunk tank, football toss and more. The event also featured the unveliving of a custom mural by artist, Surge.

Jarvis Landry posing in front of the mural that was unveiled during the event

The limited-edition Jarvis Landry Juice Shark backpack features a camo backdrop with a die cut chenille shark mouth and a “JUICE” patch for his nickname. The backpack’s bright orange and blue colors not only show off the tropical vibe of Miami but also represents Jarvis’ team, the Miami Dolphins. The Jarvis Landry Juice Shark comes in the DLX silhouette which makes it the ultimate grab and go accessory for the athletic and fashion savvy customer who is always on the go. The Jarvis Landry Juice Shark backpack is priced at $80 and can be purchased online at Designed in limited quantities, Sprayground collections are never re-released, making them collectibles among brand followers.

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