This video will let you explore the world with Sprayground like never before!

After filming its Back to School video last year in Los Angeles and New York, Sprayground was ready to take things to a whole new level this year. For its most recent campaign, Sprayground wanted something different and something that makes the most sense as being a travel brand, so the Sprayground team set out to travel the world with all their backpacks for the ultimate annual Back to School campaign.

This new campaign video takes shoppers on an adventure of a lifetime as it swings through Hawaii’s Manoa Jungle, runs through Hong Kong’s busy streets, walks through the hot deserts of Dubai, dives into deep waters around the globe and even escapes from abandoned planes.

The Time Travel Global Expedition campaign video shows Sprayground’s embrace of diversity because as Sprayground’s founder and creative director, David Ben-David puts it, “Sprayground is multicultural. We travelled the world looking for inspiration and to experience culture.” The campaign proves that Sprayground’s 2017 collection is perfect for its unique consumers all over the world whether they choose to climb through mountains or relax in luxurious hotels.

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